The Sue Moreton Foundation Grant Programme

One of the main objectives of The Sue Moreton Foundation is to continue Sue’s work by supporting and enabling people like Sue who are dedicated to the childcare, midwifery and health visiting profession. The Foundation aims to do this by providing supportive funding in the form of grants to people who wish to train in the field of childcare, midwifery or health visiting. This support is initially to be focussed on individuals who reside and/or work in the North Wales area.

To apply for a grant from The Sue Moreton Foundation, please complete the form at the following link. Grants are available from £100 to £1,000. Successful applicants will be required to submit a report detailing how the grant has been spent and the benefits which have or will come as a result. We will review grant applications on a quarterly basis and reserve the right to approve or reject applications based on the core objectives of the foundation. 

Please feel free to print and display the following poster in suitable locations.


Link to pdf found here