About Sue

Sue was a loving Mum to Brett, wife to Neil, friend and confidante to many. Having worked in the nursing profession, childcare and later as a health visitor, Sue loyally served the North Wales community for over 44 years. Sue’s untimely passing in January 2016 aged 63 caused immense sadness amongst everyone who knew her.

Sue Moreton TSMF Picture

Sadness is not an emotion that is easily associated with Sue. She lived her life to the full with a strong set of values centred on love, compassion, caring for others, positivity and happiness. She gave a lot to a lot of people and truly made a difference in her community, having a positive impact on everyone she met. With her values in mind and her passion for childcare, The Sue Moreton Foundation aims to continue Sue’s work.

About The Sue Moreton Foundation

The purpose of The Sue Moreton Foundation is to continue Sue’s work by supporting and enabling people who are, like Sue, dedicated to the childcare, midwifery and health visiting profession. The Foundation aims to do this by providing supportive funding to:

  • People who wish to train in the field of midwifery and health visiting
  • People who (and projects which) promote and advance the issues prevalent throughout the post-natal care period

This support will be focussed in the North Wales area.

The Trustees

The Sue Moreton Foundation Trustees are:

  • Brett Moreton – Sue’s son
  • Neil Moreton – Sue’s husband
  • Pat & John Smailes – Sue’s best friends